Thursday, 26 July 2012

Council staff 'too busy' to carry out fire safety checks

Lutterworth council staff 'too busy' to carry out fire safety checks


23 Jul 2012

Staff at Lutterworth Town Council do not have time to carry out fire safety checks at home across the area, it has been revealed.
Officials from Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service had asked the council if its two premise officers could spend up to five hours a month inspecting local properties and installing safety equipment in homes, reports the Harborough Mail.
However, the town council has rejected the idea, claiming that its officers are already working at full capacity. It was also concerned about the potential issues which may arise if a fire were to break out at a home which had been deemed 'safe'.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Fire Service told the news provider: "We work in partnership with a number of local authorities, including Harborough and Blaby district councils, on fire safety. It is all about having some joined-up thinking in public services.
"Sometimes it makes sense to train people in local authorities to carry out these checks if, for example, they are in contact with vulnerable people."

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