Thursday, 3 May 2012

Border terrier Molly who survived serious fire allowed home from vets

Molly: Terrier survived six hours in a burning building.
A border terrier who was trapped inside a burning building for six hours has been allowed home to its owner.
Molly was rescued by firefighters following a blaze at Dundee’s Garland Place last Wednesday.
She survived despite being stuck inside the blazing building.
Her owner Alan Thompson had tried to rescue her and his other border terrier Mac but they had both scampered as they were scared when his window was broken to allow him out and down a ladder.
He had tried to rescue the dogs but was hindered by thick smoke.
Mac did not survive the blaze.
Molly had been kept at Parkside Veterinary Group since the fire but has now been allowed home.
Mr Thompson said Molly was doing well and he was keeping an eye on her to make sure she does not do too much and get exhausted.
Fifteen people residents had to be taken out of the blaze and two people were taken to hospital. A firefighter was also injured in the incident.
At the time firefighters described it as “quite incredible” that Molly had survived.

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