Monday, 16 April 2012

Hotel Owner Guilty of Fire Safety breaches

Although the Legislation differs in Scotland, these charges would still have been made under The Fire (Scotland) Act Part 3: 2005.

Sultan Chaudhry, owner of the White Lodge Hotel in Cheetham Street West in Salford has pleaded guilty to ten breaches of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 at Manchester Magistrates’ Court.
Fire safety officers found several breaches at the hotel after a fire broke out on April 13th 2011.
A guest from the first-floor had to be rescued by firefighters despite the manager claiming that no one was inside the property at the time.
Officers discovered faulty Fire Alarms and empty Extinguishers. There was no emergency lighting and the escape routes were inadequate.
Officers also reported that there was no suitable Fire Risk Assessment and staff had not been trained in fire evacuation procedures. A prohibition notice was issued to prevent people from staying there.
Peter O’Reilly, from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: “This could have been a very serious incident. It is unacceptable for a hotel business not to have proper procedures in place and put lives at risk.”
A full list of the charges brought against Mr Chaudhry can be found here.

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